Who We Are

The Linked Parishes

In 1998, after consultation and discussion in the Presbyterian Parishes of Cheviot, Hawarden and Kowai, Presbytery approved a new model for the provision of ministry to the area - the three Parishes would link together to share in the call for a Minister who would oversee the three Parishes.

Each Parish retains its identity, its finances and its local Parish Council. All contribute financially to a Hurunui Parishes fund which is used for all aspects of providing a Minister to the Parishes. There is a Hurunui Parishes Council, made up of the Minister, three representatives of each Parish and the Hurunui Parishes treasurer. The council meets every second month and discusses all matters relating to ministry. In 2011 the Kowai and Cheviot Parishes merged fto form a single Parish.

A monthly newsletter is produced for the linked Parishes. Each Parish contributes news and forthcoming events as well as the local service roster. The three Parishes meet three times a year when there is a 5th Sunday in the month. They combine for a service followed by lunch with each preaching place taking it in turn to host the service.

Each Parish has its own own Parish Council. Kowai/Cheviot meets every 2nd month, Harwarden meets as and when required. The Hurunui Parishes Council meets four times a year. Representatives from all Parishes attend Presbytery in Christchurch with the Minister.

While the area covered by the three Parishes is relatively large, the people are used to travelling to attend services and meetings. They also connect in a number of other events such as A & P Shows, cultural and sports happenings and other organisations. Communication is well established between the Parishes and their members.