From Nancy Jean Whitehead...

Dear Friends,
I think I have discovered a new “disease” – post-holiday brain! Earlier this afternoon I received an email from the Presbyterian Church Property Trustees about the auction of a Church I have never heard of and I have no idea where it is. I replied asking if this information was meant for me. The response came back “Sorry I’ve been away for a month and my brain hasn’t quite kicked in.” After having 3 weeks away on holiday I can understand that as I have found it difficult to even keep track of what day it is, let alone what I am supposed to be doing. The time on holiday was wonderful and I loved not being tied to my diary but I thank goodness the routine of regular Sunday services and other church things is kicking in again to get me back on track. One thing I am very aware of is that by the time you get this newsletter the election will be over. I have no idea what the makeup of the next parliament will be and I have little faith in polls.

The most important thing I believe is that we have all voted. If we don’t bother to vote, then don’t complain about the next government! The right to vote, especially for women, was a hard fought battle and New Zealand led the way. It is quite possible that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers signed the petition to help women get the right to vote. So please encourage your children and grandchildren to vote – every vote makes a difference to the outcome.

Once the election is over I have no doubt that the dreaded Christmas advertising will begin. I do dislike being shouted at from the TV when people try to tell me that my life cannot possibly be complete and fulfilled unless I have the latest gadget or our children have the latest electronic toy. While it is good to start Christmas and birthday shopping early to avoid last minute expensive purchases, there is something in me that says I am not ready for Christmas yet. I want to enjoy each day as it comes rather than racing ahead to the next big commercial rush. I want our planning for Christmas to be about the coming of the Christ child into our lives and all that this means.

In the meantime, keep warm and dry when the day is nasty and enjoy the warmth of the sun when it is fine.