From Nancy Jean Whitehead...

Dear Friends,
Spring is almost here. There is blossom on some of the trees and the daffodils have been bravely pushing up through the cold soil. For me the main indicator of Spring is the chaos. Spring is unpredictable, confused, manic, contrary, crazy and always surprising. For the last few days the temperatures have been a little warmer but then this morning there was a very hard frost followed by a beautiful clear, sunny warm day. From the feel of things now I suspect it will be the same tomorrow. I must admit that scraping the ice off the windscreen in the morning is not my idea of a good start to the day!

I came across this Springtime Carol a few days ago written by Rob Ferguson, recently retired Minister from St. Ninian’s in Christchurch.

Look around you, see the bursting,
life is breaking out, the earth is full.
Yellow, purple, green refreshing,
snow is melting fast upon the hills.
Hear the river waters chuckling,
blossoms blowing, flowers glowing,
mountains shine!
Look around you, see the bursting
life is breaking out with love divine.
Women came there full of mourning,
Gather now and hear the story
of our brother Christ who burst his tomb.
darkness in their hearts and tears of gloom.
Sadness turns to celebration,
hope is sounding, life abounding,
dark is light!
Scatter then and live the story
of our brother Christ, in life delight!

Enjoy this unpredictable and changeable start to the Spring.