Reverend Nancy Jean Whitehead

Yours faithfully...

Somewhat surprisingly this ‘woman of the cloth’ likes reading whodunits; loves driving between congregations to minister on Sundays because it gives her time to ‘think and order her thoughts"; does aqua aerobics to keep fit; enjoys doing cross-stitch although ‘she needs to get new glasses before doing that again’; and at the end of the day flops in front of the TV for her daily dose of her favourite ‘soapy’!

Meet the Reverend Nancy Jean Whitehead, senior Presbyterian minister and recently-appointed co-Moderator of the Christchurch Presbytery.

Born in Lower Hut, Nancy Jean comes from solid Presbyterian stock and a long line of ministers – her great-uncle, the Rev. Alex Thompson founded St Andrew’s College in Christchurch!

She was ‘greatly influenced by her grandmother’ and her father and mother who instilled a strong sense of social justice in her which has guided her throughout her life and ministry.

A happy childhood included piano lessons from age 7 and singing in the church choir at 12. Her musical talent would see her obtain a teacher’s diploma in the Theory of Music and teach piano for many years.  She also worked as a Secondary School Librarian .

Married to Arthur in 1972, this mother of two children was ordained at St Stephen’s in Lower Hut in 1995 - her qualifications and achievements read like a roll of honour and include amongst others a 4-year EFM (Education for Ministry) course in the late 80s; Clinical Pastoral Education; hospital-based Pastoral Skills Training at Waikato Hospital, serving as chaplain at Trevellyn Rest Home; trustee of the D V Bryant Philanthropic Trust; and serving as minister of St. Clare’s Co-operating Parish in Hamilton for 7 years and the Methodist Church in Morrinsville for five years!

Since 2008 Nancy Jean has been based in Amberley and thoroughly enjoys her role as minister responsible for an extended parish that stretches from Sefton to Cheviot.