Parish News

We fare-welled Rosemary and Tom Barnes after the service on May 7. Nancy Jean thanked them for their many years of service as committee members, musicians, maintenance and Health and Safety folk and loyal supporters. We all enjoyed a meal together at The Paddock café. We wish them well as they move to a new home in Christchurch.

The Knox Singers from Christchurch are presenting a concert in Knox Church at 2.30 pm on June 11.
Gold coin entry to be given to Knox Cheviot.

We have met so many generous folk from Christchurch and Rangiora this year. We are grateful for their support.

Judy Grigor


June 4th 11am Knox - Lunch at a Cafe
  11th 10am Knox - Cafe Service, 2.30pm concert by Knox Singers
  18th   No Service
  25th 10am St Johns
July 2nd 11am Knox - lunch at a Cafe

St Andrews

Chew & Chat is held every Thursday in the Sharing Shed behind St Andrew’s in Amberley from 10.00—11.30 . All are welcome to a ‘Cuppa, and a Cookie as well as Conversation, Company and Creativity”

The Sharing Shed is also the venue for Fellowship and Discussion on Friday
mornings after a cuppa at 9.45 am Women’s Fellowship will meet on 21st June at 2.00 pm and all women are welcome. There will be a speaker as well as fellowship, a sales table and afternoon tea.

Life has been going along quietly in our Parish of late, with good attendances and a spirit of goodwill.

On May 14th, Mothers Day, the Rev Nancy Jean gave us a really good talk telling us the history of Julia Wood Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamations.

After church a considerable number of the congregation adjourned to the Indian Restaurant in Amberley to continue our Mother’s Day celebrations by testing the delights of the Indian cuisine.
Last Thursday, 18th May we were all invited to a Senior’s Lunch at St Andrews where we were treated to a meal of soup, pizza and dessert. This was enjoyed by all present, who then spent the next hour putting the world to right and went home happy, knowing they had such good friends.

Trevor Chambers.


June 4th 9.30am St Andrews
  11th 9.30am St Andrews
  18th 9.30am Combined
  25th 9.30am St Andrews
July 2nd 9.30am St Andrews


We have given some food from our harvest service to the Osgoods to deliver to needy people in the district.

The film on the 7th June is probably going to be ‘Keeping the Faith’. It is a comedy. All welcome 7.30 pm.

There will be some work done on the garden shortly. Thanks to Carol for her work so far. Candina Fire Power are to be placed around the front of the garden.

Services are now being held in the Lounge.

Rev Jim McKenna has retired from his position as Priest in Charge of the Anglican Parish. We have enjoyed his association with the Presbyterian Parish and thank him for his work

NOTE: Over the winter period, all services in Hawarden will be held in the


June 4th 9am St James
  11th 10am Waikari Anglican
  18th 10am St James
  25th 10am St James
July 2nd 9am St James