Parish News

Knox Hall, Monday December 4 at 7pm.
Everyone is invited to join in an evening celebrating the meaning of Christmas. There will be Carols to sing and a message to hear. Bring a small dessert to share if you would like.

The process of selling the church and hall buildings is continuing slowly. The community group are working to form a Trust to establish the Cheviot Knox Community Centre. Thank you to John Wright, Russell Erickson and all the folk who are helping with maintenance of the property.

Services are continuing as usual with everyone enjoying Nancy Jean’s service and her company at lunch afterwards. A group continue to visit other churches on the third Sunday when there is no service at Knox. We wish you all a peaceful and loving Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.

Judy Grigor


Dec 3rd 11am Knox
  10th 10am Cafe Church
  17th 9.30am No Service
  17th 7.30pm Carol Service at St Johns
  19th   No Service
  24th   Combined St Johns
  25th   No Service
  31st   No Service
Jan 7th   11am - St James Hawarden
  14th 10am Knox - Cafe Church
  21st 10am Knox
  28th 10am St Johns - Combined

St Andrews

The only event of note during the last month of our Church life, was the meeting held at our Church on Saturday 11th of November. This meeting organized by Barry & Clare Ayers from the Christchurch Presbytery, was not a review of Rev Nancy Jeans ministry, but an opportunity to discuss what we thought the future of our Parish should be. There were twenty seven members of the Hurunui Parish present. Almost all the Cheviot and Hawarden congregation attended, and the meeting took the usual format of questions being asked, and answers being written on a white board.

We were asked some weighty questions such as Who are you? How has your week been? What does it take to make a good garden grow, and what do you want from your Church? We all attempted to answer these questions, and in the end some worthwhile answers were obtained. We will look forward to the next meeting to be held next February.

Trevor Chambers.


Dec 3rd 9.30am St Andrews
  10th 9.30am St Andrews
  17th 9.30am Holy Innocents - Combined
  17th 7.30pm St Andrews - Carol Service
  19th 7.30pm Remebrance Service
  24th 9.30am St Andrews
  25th 9.30am St Andrews
  31st 9.30am St Andrews
Jan 7th 9.30am St Andrews
  14th 9.30am St Andrews
  21st 9.30am St Andrews
  28th 9.30am St Andrews


The Annual Ecumenical Carol Service will be held on December 17th by the Rugby Rooms at 7 pm. There will not be a service in the morning.

The film on 6th December will be ‘Ladies in Lavender’. 7.30 pm in the Lounge.

On 7th January 2018 we will be entertaining members of the Eastern Churches in Christchurch. There will be a service in St James at 11 am followed by lunch. After the lunch we will visit ‘Flaxmere’ courtesy of Penny Zino. We are very grateful to Penny who allows us to give the town people a treat.

Christmas Services – there will be a service at St James on Sunday 24th especially for children at 5 pm. All welcome.

The Christmas Day service will be at Waikari Anglican at 10 am.


Dec 3rd 9am St James
  10th 10am Waikari Anglican
  17th 7pm Carol Service - St Johns
  24th 5pm St James
  25th 10am Waikari Anglican
  31st   No Service
Jan 7th 11am St James
  14th 10am Waikari Anglican
  21st 10am St James
  28th 10am St James - Anglican