Parish News

The visit from the Durham Street folk was a very warm and enjoyable occasion. We have enjoyed all the visits from Christchurch. parishes. They have lunched in the cafes and enjoyed the Museum. A busload from Rangiora came on 23 April and we also enjoyed their visit.

Nancy Jean gave us a wonderful time of meditation and thoughts at the community service for
Good Friday.

We have all escaped damage from the cyclones and send our thoughts to those further north who have experienced flood and wind damage.

Judy Grigor


May 7th 11am Knox - Shared Lunch
  14th 10am Knox - Cafe Service
  21st   No Service
  28th 10am St James Hawarden
June 4th 11am Knox

St Andrews

Chew & Chat
On May 19th Chew & Chat will have been operating for 6 years. Over that time a number of people have come and gone – some visiting several times and some only once. For some months we had Circle Dancing once a month and those who took part really enjoyed this. The Jigsaws have got increasingly difficult but are a great way to spend an hour or so. We have knitted many knee rugs that have been given to community groups in eastern Christchurch. For the last few months we have played Banana Scrabble and we also played Zilch with one of our regular visitors. Those attending Chew & Chat have also become very skilled newsletter collators and folders!

Women’s Fellowship will meet on May 17th at 2 pm in the Sharing Shed. The speaker will be Elizabeth Brocherie. All welcome.

Games Nights : Games nights this month are Sat 13th at the home of Trevor and Florence Chambers at 7.30 pm and 27th at the home of Jim and Dawn Kelly Fellowship and Discussion Group meets each Friday in the Sharing Shed at 9.45 am. All welcome.

Trevor Chambers.


May 7th 9.30am St Andrews
  14th 9.30am St Andrews
  21st 9.30am Holy Innocents
  28th 9.30am St Andrews
June 4th 9.30am St Andrews


The films on the first Wednesday of each month have proved very successful. Thank you to Nancy Jean for her time and expertise.

A very interesting Presbytery meeting was held over the weekend. The service at St Andrews College Chapel was particularly impressive with an address by the Moderator, Right Rev Richard Dawson. Some of the music was played by Estelle Elvidge who some may remember as Estelle Binning from Hawarden.

It was great to see Kevin Black at the service at his new parish. A successful Easter Sunday was held with friends from Cheviot joining us.

NOTE: Over the winter period, all services in Hawarden will be held in the


May 7th 9am St James
  14th 10am Waikari Anglican
  21st 9am St James
  28th 10am St James
June 4th 9am St James